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    [NEW] BrainHack talk by Kendrick Kay (Software tools motivated by analysis of fMRI data)

[Presented at BrainHack Global Bloomington 2017]

    Neurohackweek talk by Kendrick Kay (Modeling fMRI data)

[Presented at the Neurohackweek 2016 workshop in neuroimaging and data science]

    VSS 2016 Symposium talk by Kendrick Kay (What are deep neural networks and what are they good for?)

[Presented at the VSS 2016 symposium on deep neural networks]

    VSS 2014 Symposium: Understanding representation in visual cortex: why are there so many approaches and which is best?

[This is a collection of videos of short talks given by Thomas Naselaris, Marcel van Gerven, Kendrick Kay, Jeremy Freeman, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, and Jim DiCarlo]


Public data

    [NEW] Data and modeling code from "Bottom-up and top-down computations in word- and face-selective cortex"

[fMRI data and a network-level model of ventral visual regions and intraparietal sulcus]
    fMRI data from "Attention reduces spatial uncertainty in human ventral temporal cortex"
[Mapping of population receptive fields in face-selective regions in human visual cortex under different behavioral states]
    Denoise Benchmark for task-based fMRI
[A large collection of fMRI data under various visual stimulation protocols; also includes code comparing various denoising methods]
    Models of BOLD responses in visual cortex (data and code)
[Measurements of responses in visual cortex to a wide range of synthetic stimuli; also includes code implementing a specific computational model]
    fMRI natural image dataset (hosted by
[Measurements of responses in visual cortex to a large number of natural images]



[Stimuli and code for estimating population receptive fields and performing retinotopic mapping]
[MATLAB toolbox for denoising task-based fMRI data]
    Repository of MATLAB helper functions, including
        some useful code for fitting nonlinear models

[A collection of MATLAB tools]


    Statistics and Data Analysis in MATLAB [Psych 5007]

[Includes lecture slides, videos, code]
    Blog on statistical analyses in MATLAB
[Some statistical commentary with accompanying code]
    Cognitive neuroscience [Psych 3604]
[A collection of links to demos and materials available on the web]

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